In order to be eligible for their examination, students have to maintain a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes (including morning classes) and at rehearsals and productions.

In addition to attendance, punctuality is required for all classes, exercises, lectures, rehearsals, etc. Late attendance for three days or absence from three
classes will be treated as equivalent to one full day’s absence.

The above requirement of minimum attendance may, however, be relaxed in exceptional cases at the discretion of the Director.

The attendance of students at the above percentages will be calculated on a semester basis and any student failing to fulfill the required level of attendance will not be allowed to appear in the semester examinations.

Such students will have to forfeit the right to continue their studies in the School.


Selected candidates and their parents shall give an undertaking in the prescribed form vouching for the good conduct of the student. Violation of the undertaking would result in appropriate action including suspension/expulsion. This undertaking is required to be given as per the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 04.05.2001 in W.P.(C) No. 656/1998, the relevant portion of which is quoted below:


Students are not allowed to enter into any arrangement for training outside the School. Students are not allowed to seek or accept any engagement to appear in public, neither on the amateur or professional stage, nor in radio, television or films.

They may not seek or accept any employment during their term of study.
Students must conduct themselves properly in accordance with the rules that govern manners and appearance. Any student found guilty of unbecoming conduct may be suspended or expelled from the School.

Consuming alcohol in the School premises is strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to invite visitors or friends to classes, lectures or rehearsals permission from the Director. It is obligatory for the students to enact any role that they are handed. They must participate in rehearsals and perform the role in the manner required by the teachers or the director of the play.

Students must acquire all books, material or equipment as directed. Such material is available in the School stores and its cost is deducted from the students’ scholarship. Students have to abide by the hostel, mess and library rules. Students violating rules are liable to severe disciplinary action.